Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hannah Dustin

This is a statue located on a little island where you need to walk over some train trestles to find it. I take my girls there for picnics and small hikes.

The story surrounding the statue is very bizarre... in Hannah's left hand, you will see she is holding... some scalps! Ewww....

Hannah and her family were attacked by Abenaki Indians while living in Haverhill, MA. Her and her infant daughter were kidnapped and forced to walk for days up to Penacook, NH. The Indians killed the infant by smashing against a tree.

After reaching Penacook, Hannah and another fellow killed the Indians as a means to escape, taking the scalps with them back to Haverhill. I find the scalps that are part of the statue quite disturbing... her statue in Haverhill at least has her wielding the tomahawk instead.


  1. I just learned that scalping is something the white people did. first.