Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Clearly, the trash was full 10 customers back... But each person after that had a newspaper/old cup/soda bottle that simple NEEDED to be thrown away at that very moment. They could not wait even 10 more minutes to find another trash can that was not already over flowing.

Perhaps there is some underground national physics experiment going on to find if you can fit 50 gallons of trash into a 30 gallon can? If so, the experiment has failed. Please move on. I am simply tired of looking at the extra 20 gallons of trash surrounding the can as I try to order my coffee.


  1. OMG! What is up with that comment before mine? That is as bad as the overloading trash picture you have. Infact, it is pretty much on the same level!!!!
    Anyway, good point and people obviously did not want to open their car door, walk out to the nearest empty container to throw something away. Plain old laziness!

  2. This is great, but me pet peeve is smokers who throw the cigarette butts on the ground and just walk away. I've seen some people, who I know personally, do it - right in front of me. What are they thinking? I mean, what would they think if I popped a piece of candy in my mouth and balled up the wrapper, threw it on the ground, and kept on walking? Seriously.